Feb 222016

For years we’ve had this rolling litterbox. The idea is there’s a grate on on side, you roll the box toward that side and all the clean litter sifts through the grate and the clumps roll over the grate into the pull-out tray. Then you dump out the tray. It’s a little easier than mining for treasure with a litter scooper.

About a year ago I splurged on this thing called a Litter Robot. It’s the same idea, but it’s automated so the box sifts the litter clean each time the cat uses it.

Why didn’t I get this years ago? I love this thing, I don’t have to go down and roll the box every day (or, let’s be honest, every two or three days). The cat loves it, she always has a clean place to pee. I had no trouble getting her to use it, I set it up next to her old box and she immediately switched to the new one. Once a week I take out the full bag from the tray underneath and put a new empty one in.

I want more robots in my life. Can I have a robot that makes the bed and does laundry?

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  1. Nice….but, damn, is it expensive.

    • It is pricey–really that’s the answer to “why didn’t I get one sooner.” I saved up for a while to get it.

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