Apr 012016

I’m continuing to help out at the old job two or three evenings a week. Primarily I’m helping my replacement’s replacement to get caught up with the accounts she needs to enter. She’s gradually getting faster, so by the time I get her caught up she should be able to keep herself caught up.

I’m also helping to straighten out the mess of SecondCo. Seems my replacement’s departure involved some contention with The Boss, and she decided to screw The Boss over by not really doing much for the last couple of weeks, and refusing to train anyone else how to do anything. Since she left they’ve been doing the best they can with the notes I made before I left. So SecondCo has a lot of invoicing that isn’t done, bills that aren’t paid, accounts that aren’t reconciled, etc.

Of course, none of this inconveniences The Boss in any way, she’s just screwed over her former co-workers.

Earlier this week I went through the invoicing and got them caught up with a few customers that weren’t getting billed. Funny thing I’ve noticed, if you don’t send invoices, you don’t get paid.

Today I went through the outstanding bills and entered them into Quickbooks. Reporting back to my old supervisor: “You’ll want to pay the worker’s comp first, that’s overdue.” (I was always very scrupulous about making sure our insurance was paid up–that came second only to payroll.)

It’s fairly annoying for me to see the mess she left of things. When The Boss put me in charge of SecondCo’s bookkeeping, I basically inherited a big disorganized mess. I sorted things out, worked out processes and procedures, and automated anything that could be. When I left, everything was humming along smoothly. Now it’s a big ol’ mess again–nobody knows how much money they have, how much they’re owed, what bills need to be paid, and so on and so forth.

Oh well. It’s an annoyance, but I don’t feel invested enough about it to keep me up at night. I get to be the hero who helps straighten things out, and then go back to my real job and forget it.

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