May 122016

Last Tuesday I woke up and could barely walk.

Unfortunately my chiropractor is closed on Tuesdays, because he’s a human being and has to take days off to rest from his very physical job. But they were able to squeeze me in on Wednesday.

Seems I’ve aggravated that hip injury I had a few years ago. Apparently it’s fairly common for people to injure themselves in their sleep; the doc said that your muscles are all completely relaxed, so if you sleep in a position that stresses a joint, the muscles don’t protect you from injury as they would when you’re awake. Doctors call it a “slow sprain.” I must have slept like a pretzel Monday night.

Anyway, I went to the chiropractor last Wednesday and he was able to straighten me out a bit. Unfortunately with a sprain like this he can’t really fix it, it just has to take time to heal. But he can alleviate the pain and keep it from getting worse. After I saw the chiro I could almost walk upright.

So I’ve been hobbling around like a crippled thing again. Every day it’s a little better, but I’m pretty much ready to trade this body in for a new one without all these issues. It’s 2016, why can’t we do that yet?

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