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Well, I found out where that feline wailing was coming from. I just opened the door to take out the trash, and there’s an orange long-haired tabby sitting on the side porch. She’s not only friendly, she’s absolutely certain that she belongs here and she wants to come inside. When I closed the screen so she couldn’t do so (Phurball objects to that kind of thing) she started giving the same low, pitiful wails I heard earlier this afternoon.

I really don’t know what to do with her. She doesn’t have a collar, but she’s well-cared for and obviously not a stray. We closed the door in the hopes that she’d get discouraged and go find her own house, and the wailing got louder—and then she climbed up the screen so she could look in the window, much to my son’s amusement.

It’s going to get awfully cold tonight. I hate to leave her out there, but if she comes in here there’s going to be a feline argument. I’m in a bit of a quandary.

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  1. If you did let her in, you are now the proud “owner” of two cats!

  2. I suspect she’s like our old cat Snowflake; she just can’t tell the houses apart and got the wrong one when she tried to go home. She eventually did leave, so hopefully she found her own house.

    I put food out for her, and someone ate it. I probably shouldn’t have put out food, but I felt bad leaving her out there in the cold and I wanted to at least make sure she had some supper. Hopefully my mate doesn’t read my blog, as he told me to stop feeding the neighborhood cats.

  3. Um, just because she looks well cared for doesn’t mean jack shit. I have about 5 on my patio at any given moment, just because I also have outside cats.

    Don’t let her in. Leave a little food if you are feeling big hearted. It’s a scam – cats are good at it.

    BTW- it was nice to see you had added me as a friend on LJ, but yours has no content! That’s why I hadn’t added ya back.


  4. Dude, ya found my blog! Yeah, I just don’t have enough worth posting about to maintain two blogs–wish I could figure a way to mirror the “real” blog to LJ.

  5. Ask RobNorth – I know he does it with oilf.



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