The Phone Spammers Have Found Me

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May 172016

Today I got no less than four calls from spammers. I only answered the one from a local area code, foolishly thinking it might be something real.

I can’t tell if the calls are coming to my cell number or my Google Voice one. Doesn’t really matter, enough is enough. I downloaded an app to deal with it, and set it to block any “unknown” (i.e. blocked caller ID) numbers that aren’t already in my contact list.

Also, thanks to Ace Lightning for recommending the Pajama Jeans–I got myself a pair a few weeks ago, boy are they comfy. Didn’t even have to get them hemmed. As soon as the indigo ones are back in stock I’m going to get a pair of those, too.

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My Daily Spam

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May 272012

My name is Mr .Nahib Yusuf. I am donating ($10,500,000.00) to you. what I have to you for the up keeping of the Orphan and the less-privilage. Kindly Contact my lawyer this email bless you. Mr .Nahib Yusuf.

My first impulse was to reply with, “Fuck the orphans,” but that would just confirm he’s got a live address.

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I Stand Corrected

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Apr 252012

I thought that last spam was as half-assed as they could get.

I was wrong.

From: FBI
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2012 7:03:55 -0700
Subject: !
From Tue Apr 24 10:04:04 2012

Have you Lost any money to scammers,Reply back now for your money!

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