I’m In!

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Jul 032011

One of my WoW buddies managed to send me an invite to Google+, and was able to squeeze me in during one of their brief open windows. Squee!!

I immediately tried to invite Alpha Geek, but looks like invites are closed again for the time being. So I’m just adding everybody in the world to my “circles.” I’m not sure if people in the circles will be sent invites when they’re available again, or if they just get a notice that they’re added to my circles.

I’ll be playing with this all night. See you tomorrow.

Google+ Project

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Jun 282011

I just learned of a new Google project in the works, called Google+. It’s going to be competing with Facebook, only with an emphasis on privacy and controlling who gets access to which bits of your life.

Being a total Google fangirl, I ran to sign up as soon as I learned about it. Except it’s not available yet; it’s still in its testing phase and only a small group of people were invited to try it out.

You didn’t invite me, Google? As much as I dote on you? I love all your stuff, even while admitting there’s room for improvement (seriously, when are you going to add extension capability to Google Voice?). And yet I get snubbed from your exclusive new product testing? *sniff*

It’s okay, Google. I forgive you. But you knew that when I signed up to be notified as soon as I can get into Google+.