Jun 282011

I just learned of a new Google project in the works, called Google+. It’s going to be competing with Facebook, only with an emphasis on privacy and controlling who gets access to which bits of your life.

Being a total Google fangirl, I ran to sign up as soon as I learned about it. Except it’s not available yet; it’s still in its testing phase and only a small group of people were invited to try it out.

You didn’t invite me, Google? As much as I dote on you? I love all your stuff, even while admitting there’s room for improvement (seriously, when are you going to add extension capability to Google Voice?). And yet I get snubbed from your exclusive new product testing? *sniff*

It’s okay, Google. I forgive you. But you knew that when I signed up to be notified as soon as I can get into Google+.

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