Yay Zombies!

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Dec 192010

Alpha Geek just turned on the Tivo to watch “The Walking Dead” series.

Me: Yay, zombie movie!

He: Haven’t you already seen this?

Me: Yeah, but I like zombie movies.

He petted the cat and adjusted the volume a bit.

Me: See, the great thing about zombie movies is, there’s no moral ambiguity about killing the bad guys, because they’re already dead.

He: o_o

Zombies on the Lawn!

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Apr 302010

It’s Alpha Geek’s fault, he got me addicted to Popcap’s Plants vs. Zombies game.

I was able to resist at first, because I know how much of a time-suck those addictive Popcap games can be.

And then he showed me the video: