Tax Season Begins

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Jan 172014

We’ve been setting up SecondCo’s server so that it can more or less automate the invoicing.

This has been a much more complicated process than I expected it would be, apparently because our IT guy doesn’t make any effort to ensure SecondCo’s drivers are all current, so when I attempt to view it remotely via LogMeIn, the whole works goes kerflooey because the video drivers are too decrepit to do the job.

So this week I managed to do the invoicing from last week. I hope that Monday I’ll be able to do the invoicing from this week. In theory, the new setup will make the invoicing faster because it will be automated and I won’t need to enter everything manually. In practice, I haven’t been able to test this yet because I can’t stay connected to the remote computer.

However, today I did manage to stay connected long enough to do the W2/W3 forms for 2013. Which makes me happy, because it needed to be done and I hate getting behind.

Monday we have payroll. I also have my first wage garnishment. How exciting. I spent a fair amount of time today researching garnishment laws and requirements in my state, and how to set up a wage garnishment for an employee. I think I’ve got it covered. I sent an e-mail to the employee in question to alert her that her wages were being garnisheed. I set up the Quickbooks items so it would all be done automatically. I set up an Excel spreadsheet to double-check that Quickbooks was doing it right.

It’s kind of funny, really—this is the third or fourth time the state has sent me a garnishment notice, but up until now all the people involved had already been laid off. This is the first one that involved someone who was still working for SecondCo.

So now I know more than I want to about wage garnishment in my state. Yay me.

Workin for a Livin

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Nov 112011

It’s nice to finally be on a career track. This spring I’m going to take a certified bookkeeper course at the local community college; by the time I’ve finished the course and taken the exams, I’ll have the two years’ work experience that is the other requirement. Maybe at some point I’ll go for a CPA—but to me, CPA means “really knows her shit,” and I’d like to feel a lot more confident that I do, in fact, really know my shit before going that route.

And at some point I’ll probably want a different job. I like my job now, and I really like the people I work with, but I’m really only working with one small aspect of the accounts. I’d like to keep the books for just one organization, and work with everything. When I was working for the church, I was doing receivables, payables, payroll, taxes, as well as all the filing, helping with the newsletter, keeping track of who signed up for their weekly supper, and so on. I really enjoyed it, and I’d like to eventually get back to something like that.

I’d especially like to work for a non-profit; between the training seminar and the research I did on my own while working for the church, I think I’ve got a pretty good handle on making the best use of Quickbooks in a nonprofit environment. And as long as I’m daydreaming, I’d like to work in a place that didn’t have a bookkeeper, or had one that wasn’t doing a very good job, so I can come in and straighten everything out and be the hero for once.

Maybe someday.


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Dec 222010

Since Alpha Geek and I were thinking I should maybe go for my Master’s in Accounting, I went online at NCSU and applied. I figured it’s too late to get in this year, so I’d get an early start for the fall applications. Hopefully by the time I heard anything else about it, we would have gotten a few marketing campaigns going for his business and hence generated the revenue to pay for the education.

Today I got a call from NCSU. They wanted to schedule an interview for the first week of January.

Holy crap.