Aug 182005

I’m sure in the long silence following my last entry, the two or three people who read my blog have been wondering “So, how was the cruise?”

It was great. Everyone should do it. Non-stop food; the buffets ran for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and if you wanted to eat during the two hours between one buffet and the next there was a 24-hour cafeteria at the back of the boat. Ship staff would wander around with trays of drinks and offer you one; within ten minutes of boarding I was buzzed.

Most of the time you couldn’t even tell you were on a ship. It was like one gigantic resort hotel, that just happened to be on the ocean. Late at night the vibration of the engines would become noticable as the captain ramped up the speed while the passengers were mostly asleep. Sunday morning we went through waves large enough that I could feel a very slight rocking, which I rather enjoyed.

The cabin was tiny. We didn’t care, we were hardly ever in it except to sleep and shower. There were a couple of pools (relatively shallow, I think the deepest one got to four feet), a track to run on, a salon, ping-pong tables, an enormous stage/showroom that spanned two decks, several dining halls, and I forget what else. The thing was a floating city.

Doubtless there was enough to make many pages of interesting commentary, but the fact is I haven’t been on the computer much lately. After all, who wants to fart around on the computer when you’ve got drums?

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