Aug 232005

For the last few days, once a day, I get a call from something that shows up in CallID as “CCI Communications.”

Those who have followed my blogging saga know my attitude towards the telephone. I don’t know anyone from CCI Communications, and the number (801-494-1992) didn’t look like anything I needed to answer. So I let the machine answer for me. But apparently they don’t want to talk to the machine; the message indicator remains at zero. Poor little machine. Why do these heartless bastards snub him?

They called again today. Curious, I searched the web for their number, and discovered it’s an outfit called Western WATS that does surveys. Long surveys. And apparently they’re in the habit of calling people’s cell phone numbers to do their surveys. I’m on the Do Not Call Registry, but surveyors are exempt. Annoying enough for me, and they’re just calling my land line—if they were ringing my cell phone every day I’d be pretty pissed (as, it appears, many people they’re phoning are). Way to antagonize your survey resources, guys.

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