Dec 112005

We’ve put up flyers, we’ve notified the SPCA and the animal control agency, we’ve put an ad in the local newspaper. I can’t help but think that anyone who was seriously trying to find this cat would have called us by now. I’m beginning to think it’s the age-old story of the unwed teen mother: she got herself knocked up, and her family kicked her out to fend for herself.

Last night my husband said, “If you want to keep it a secret that she might be pregnant, you shouldn’t post it to your blog.”

At this point Phurball is pretty much trying to go about his daily business and ignore her presence. This isn’t always easy, as whenever they happen to pass within six feet of each other she begins to growl and hiss at him. I suspect he is the first cat she has ever seen who wasn’t a member of her immediate family. This morning Phurball headed into the kitchen for a drink, and was pulled up short by this annoying little upstart growling at him. He looked more exhasperated than anything else.

I said, “Quit it,” and gave her a small squirt from the Bad Kitty bottle. She jumped and trotted back over to the fireplace. I think if cats were capable of rolling their eyes, Phurball would have done so as he continued to his water dish.

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