Dec 122005

She’s starting to relax and explore the place. This morning she even got up on the couch, while I was there with Phurball in my lap, and had a sniff around the back of the couch where he usually sleeps. Phurball’s eyes were huge; he seemed to be asking me, “Aren’t you going to do something about this?!” But no, I was no help at all, and she finished her examination and went on her way.

Found cat asleep on the mantel

She spent about twenty minutes this morning exploring the upstairs, meowing frequently. I don’t know if she’s still looking for her family, or if she’s just antsy—I think she’s looking for a suitable place to nest.

Shortly before he left for school, my youngest son noticed that she wanted to go into the basement. Phurball has him well-trained, and he opened the door for her. I made several searches through the basement before I found her and herded her back upstairs; the basement is chilly and piled with crap and I didn’t want her down there unsupervised. Must remember to tell the kids not to open the basement door for her.

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