Feb 242006

Sometimes I download songs from walmart.com, but their selection really sucks. Buy.com doesn’t want my money because I don’t use Internet Explorer—guess they couldn’t afford a real web designer for their site. Itunes and Napster both want me to install their own proprietary software in order to download songs from them. MP3.com just sends me to other sites (none of which appear to actually have songs in .mp3 format).

I’d buy a lot more music if I could download them one at a time from someplace with a decent selection that just let me pay for the damn thing and download it, instead of insisting I install their own downloader/playback software first. Guess I’ll just stick to buying used CDs from the brick-and-mortar store up the road, unless someone reading this knows of a music site that will actually let me do what I want.

Obscurity is a far greater threat to authors and creative artists than piracy.
— Tim O’Reilly

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