Feb 252006

SAFE Haven has our kitten up on their website! They’ve named her “Nebula.”

On the home front, Phurball is consenting to eat his special-diet food again, now that there’s no longer another cat having better food right across the room. Perhaps his kidneys will last a few more years.

Better yet, he’s using the litter box again. We had a separate litter box for each cat, but the little cat decided she liked his better and Phurball refused to use it after she started going there. No one’s used that litter box since she left. Now I’ve dumped out all the old litter, scrubbed the box sparkly clean, and put in fresh new litter for him, and he’s started using that again. With my son’s help, I found the spot he had been using, scrubbed it down with white vinegar and used up the remainder of my Urine Gone on the area (great stuff, really works). Now the house no longer smells like cat piss.

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