Mar 192007

Around one o’clock this morning, extremely thirsty. I got a bottle of water, gulped down a quarter of it, and put it on the nightstand in case I wanted more later.

I went back to sleep and dreamed I was drinking it. I could feel it, cool and wet, and I was very thirsty.

I woke up and drank some more water. I went to sleep and dreamed of drinking water. Lather, rinse, repeat.

By two-thirty or so I’d finished off the bottle. I was no longer so terribly thirsty, but now I couldn’t sleep. I felt queasy and uncomfortable. I assumed it was because of all the water I’d been drinking.

I dozed fitfully until it was time to get up. I still felt queasy and sick. My entire digestive tract seemed to be shifting around, rebellious and irritable. It’s largely remained that way for the entire day.

I don’t know if I caught something, or ate something, or what. I just thought it was strange, my sudden nocturnal craving for water. I don’t recall ever having such vividly sensory dreams. Perhaps it was something I ate making me ill, and I was trying to dilute it. Odd.

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