Feb 292008

Stopped by the bank yesterday. As soon as I got out of the car, I could hear it: the unmistakable sound of a pressure leak. ssssssssssssss

I walked around my car; the sound was loudest at the right rear corner. I got down and looked at the tire. I didn’t actually expect to see anything, but the culprit was plainly visible:

metal in tire

The Firestone was a block away, so I drove her there before the tire went completely flat. But I really wasn’t happy about leaving her to Firestone’s dubious care, after they fucked up my van—twice—so this morning my dad helped me put on the spare and we drove her out to the Honda dealership.

I tell ya, if it ain’t one damn thing, it’s another.

The good news: we’ve spent the last year or so building up our Freedom Account (what Dave Ramsey calls a rainy-day fund), so we can deal with this without having to run up debt on the credit card.

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