Dec 152008

This morning was my last day of class—technically an exam day, although for this class we had a presentation instead. Personally, I would rather have the exam. Spent the weekend dreading it. But I’d signed up to go second so I could get it over with quickly, which meant I was only freaking out for the first half hour of class and then it was behind me.

I also checked WebAdvisor to see if my Business Income Tax grade was posted yet. To my great surprise, I got an A. I never managed higher than a B on the tests, so I figured I’d be getting a B. The homework must have pulled it up.

Now I can get to work full-time on Christmas cards and presents. And hunting through the job boards. And looking around at the new touch phones. I like the new touch phones, but not enough to pay $600 for one. For that kind of money it should do my laundry and mow my lawn. But they sure are shiny.

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