Dec 172008

I continue to send off résumés to likely-looking openings on CareerBuilder, Monster, TriangleJobs, and a number of other job-posting sites. So far no more nibbles.

I even considered responding to one of the numerous “tax preparer” ads—the ones that exclaim “no experience needed! we’ll train you!”—although the combination of taxes and retail makes me want to shove a pencil in my ear and stab my brain. The Alpha Geek quickly put a damper on that idea, by pointing out that these services are less likely to be about helping people prepare their taxes than about pushing high-interest loans to people who are desperate to get their returns as soon as possible. This is not why I just spent three years acquiring an Accounting degree.

Alpha Geek advises me to relax about the job hunt. “You’re in the rare position that you don’t have to get a job right away,” he pointed out. “Once January rolls around and people realize the sky hasn’t fallen, the job market should open up again.”

Hope he’s right.

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  1. I think he’s probably right. Job markets at the holidays are notoriously horrible to start with, because budgets are wrapping up, not starting. :)

    Take a deep breath and enjoy the holidays.

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