Jan 262009

Last week the Alpha Geek got a letter from a local Honda dealership.

“They want to buy one or both of our Fits.”

I laughed. “Why, is there a Fit shortage?”

Apparently there is. The little buggers are selling as fast as Honda can get them on the lots, and those of us who buy them are hanging on to them. Even though the Fit has been sold in the States since 2006 (the Alpha Geek got one of those), there aren’t a lot of used ones available.

“They’re offering top dollar,” added my husband. “And a deal on any other 2009 model they have.”

I sidled protectively up to my car. “They can’t have mine!”

He nodded. “I’m tempted to go there and challenge them to show me any other car on their lot that’s as useful as the Fit.”

Hands off, Fit poachers!

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