Jan 232009

We’re now the proud, if somewhat unanticipated, owners of a new furnace/air conditioner. We had to sell a few organs (don’t worry, it wasn’t anyone we know) but the HVAC company was able to cart one out here and get it installed today.

The sales rep who talked to us neglected to tell the service guys that our old furnace was mounted on three-foot-high stilts. They started their day manhandling our 600+ lb. furnace off its perch. Then they had to get the new one mounted. (Now you know where the organs came from. Some of them were slightly ruptured.)

It’s been a long, chilly day, but the temperature in our house has now passed 60°F for the first time in two days. I’ve been bugging the Alpha Geek to crank it up to 80.

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