Jul 132009

The Artist and I are back from Philadelphia; we met up with palsgraf_polka and emt420 and toured the city.

First we went to the Mütter (which is an alt.tasteless pilgrimage). I had to go look at the world’s largest colon—I told The Artist “That guy was literally full of shit,” which he found hilarious. Poor guy had Hirschprung’s Disease, a condition in which the nerve cells of the large intestine don’t develop. He suffered painful constipation throughout his life—there’s a photo of him with his swollen abdomen and little stick legs. Shortly before he died, his abdomen was so swollen and packed with feces that he was having trouble breathing.

Fortunately this can now be diagnosed at birth, and surgically corrected. Still, as someone enjoying the effects of IBS, I could empathize all too well with the poor guy.

Next we wandered down to Independence Mall to see the Liberty Bell. On the way we passed Chinatown:

Gate to Chinatown

We stopped at a little tiny restaurant for Philly cheesesteaks—The Artist heard “steak” and wanted a ribeye, but we convinced him to try the Philadelphia cuisine and he enjoyed it. I’m told the cheesesteaks were excellent examples of the fare, although I didn’t partake (stupid IBS).

The Artist in front of The Liberty Bell

Then we strolled down to view the Liberty Bell. Can’t you just feel the history?

Saturday The Artist and I went over to The Franklin Institute to see the Star Trek and Galileo exhibits. We went to the planetarium, walked through a giant heart, and did science experiments at the Space Academy. They also had a Skybike, which of course The Artist had to go ride.

The Artist on the Skybike

We stayed there all day; they had to chase us out of the train exhibit.

Sunday we took the train back home. I just want to share this odd little plaque they had in the restroom. When I first glanced at it, I wondered why they had a picture of a little devil-man on a plaque by the sink. Not until I actually read the accompanying text did I realize it was supposed to be a broom.

Clean up placard

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