Jul 142009

Mark my words, within a year this cat will be queen of our house. And I suspect she will have claimed The Director as her own particular human.

Alpha Geek gave her supper while I was gone. But he’s not an early riser by nature, and I’ve taught her not to meow at our bedroom door. So for the last four days she’s been waking The Director up for her breakfast.

She still doesn’t like to be picked up, but she’ll tolerate it for a moment while you move her to your lap (because she knows there will be petting). The Director is a little guy, and still getting the hang of picking up a cat; sometimes he picks her up in an awkward bundle of legs sticking out of his arms. She’ll give a meow to let him know she’s not enjoying it, but then just hang there and wait until he sits down and starts with the petting.


Every morning we get to discover what she’s found to play with during the night. One morning she had murdered my feather duster. Another, I found some kind of cord on the staircase—I have no idea what it’s from. Once I left a scrunchie out on the end table. She had a ball with that, it was completely unraveled by morning.

Her absolute favorite toy so far is a handmade potholder The Director made years ago, one of those where the kid weaves loops on a loom to make Mom a tiny little potholder. It was too small to use, so I hung it on the pantry door.

Anything dangling is fair game for this cat. She pulled it down one night and has loved playing with it. It’s big enough to get a good hold on, with a good texture for claws to hold, and soft enough to be fun for wrestling. It’s a wonderful cat toy. The Director was delighted that his handmade craft became her specially favored toy.

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  1. Shoelaces and pipe cleaners have been great hits with our cats, too. Cali also played with a little plastic spider ring for weeks on end, until it got lost somewhere.

  2. Why BUY cat toys? They make their own entertainment!

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