Jul 052009

Yesterday I introduced Duchess to the Bad Kitty bottle.

Haven’t really needed it up till now. Once she got up on the table, and once she experimentally began clawing the carpet—both times I clapped my hands sharply and she immediately stopped the unwanted behavior and didn’t do it again.

But in the mornings, she’s on the other side of the bedroom door. Meowing. She learned quickly that the alarm means I’ll be coming out and giving her breakfast and petting. If the alarm doesn’t go off at a time she feels is reasonable, she’ll start meowing for me.

The time she feels I should be coming out to pet her has been getting earlier and earlier.

Yesterday she started meowing for me at a quarter to five in the morning.

I’m normally fairly patient with critters. Even when they’re being annoying, they aren’t doing it maliciously. But at five in the morning I am not a patient person. Enough is enough already. I retrieved the Bad Kitty bottle and gave her a squirt of water. She disappeared down the hall.

Twenty minutes later she tried again. Other behaviors I’d put a stop to immediately, but she’s been doing this one a while so she didn’t get the hint as quickly. She got another squirt.

It took her three tries, but she got the idea. She left me alone to sleep.

The Bad Kitty bottle seems to have worked quite well; this morning she remembered not to wake me up for food and attention.

Instead she woke up my son.


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