Jan 062010

Last week when I asked Devant if he wanted some of the stir-fry I’d made, he said “Shouldn’t we wait for Alpha Geek?”

“There’s no telling how late he’ll be,” I responded.

“You should make him call you when he’s going to be late coming home,” Devant opined.

I chuckled at that. “How, exactly, would I enforce that?”

He didn’t know either, and the conversation moved to other things.

A few days later I mentioned the discussion to Alpha Geek, who had an answer to the question.

“You’d enforce it by nagging me, of course.”

“I don’t think that would work.”

“Not at first. But if you kept at it we’d both be miserable and it would eventually work.”

“That’s not the kind of relationship I want with you.”

“That’s why you don’t do it. But if you did do it, we’d both be miserable and eventually I’d start calling when I was going to be late.”

So not worth it.

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