May 082010

Almost a year and a half after finishing my accounting degree, and I’m still looking for work. I picked the worst possible time to graduate, didn’t I?

Perhaps things are looking up, because the temp agency called twice this week about potential jobs.

The first job was a temp-to-perm bookkeeping position. They asked me to send over an updated résumé.

Then they asked me to fill in the résumé with more detail, so I sent over my curriculum vitae.

Then they said it still wasn’t right, they needed more detail. I couldn’t imagine what detail wasn’t already in the CV, so we got together on the phone.

“It looks good, we just need more information about how you used accounting software in your previous jobs.”

Ah. “I didn’t actually use accounting software in any previous jobs. I used it while earning the degree but haven’t gotten work experience with it yet.” I’m pretty sure I let them know that when I first signed on, but like I said, that was a year and a half ago—the agent who entered me into the system doesn’t even work there any more.

“Oh. Well, unfortunately, they’re looking for someone with work experience with the software. But I’m sure we’ll find something for you!”

Yeah. That’s been the problem I’m running into: I’m competing against people who have a lot more experience than I do, and potential employers can afford to pick and choose.

Later the temp agency called about another offering: a week or two as a receptionist in a nearby city.

I’m not dead-set on getting an accounting job. I’m open to just about any job I have the skills to perform—as long as it doesn’t involve answering phones. Years ago I did a stint at a call center for a major airline, and it’s put me off any kind of phone-answering job for good. Once I agreed to a receptionist job for a temp assignment; I hated it so much that after two days I asked the agency to replace me. I’d never done that before. The people were nice enough, it was just the phone part that made me miserable.

So I politely declined. Now I feel like a slacker because I turned down work.

I guess if you hear I’ve taken a receptionist job somewhere, you’ll know we’re really desperate.

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