May 092010

It keeps changing the privacy policy, tweaking things so that even if your profile is “private,” you’ll find it’s not really private.

It suspends accounts for vague, poorly-disclosed reasons, and does not clarify the steps needed to reinstate them. Too many links? Too many pokes? How many is too many? What, exactly, is allowed? Facebook won’t say.

It leaks IP addresses—and corresponding geographical location—of people posting to it.

Its security leaves a lot to be desired.

And if that’s not enough, here are ten more reasons to quit Facebook.

I’ve been watching it get worse, and from the statements made by Facebook, it’s not going to get better. Facebook considers user information its property, to be mined, sold, and displayed regardless of the users’ stated preferences.

I do not get enough value out of Facebook for it to be worth giving them free rein with my personal information, so I’ll be deleting my account next week. Hopefully a new contender will pop up soon to take its place; perhaps Google Buzz will get the kinks worked out and become a viable alternative.

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