May 132010

Job interview tomorrow. Wish me luck.

The Artist has finished with his semester. He didn’t do too well, which rather surprised me—every time I asked, he said he thought he was doing well in his classes. I think he has trouble correlating his internal perception of how well he thinks he’s doing with the external feedback he’s getting. Another factor could be his waning interest in architecture; about halfway through the semester we noticed he was getting withdrawn and moody, and on discussion we learned that he was starting to think he’d chosen the wrong field of study. We assured him that he’s not locked in to it, and can change it if he wants to. My suspicion is that he didn’t realize how much math is involved in architecture. Math has never been one of his strengths.

For now, he’s thinking he’d like to get a job, and spend some time working and considering his options. Today we picked up an application at a local Jiffy Lube (why Jiffy Lube, particularly? you’d have to ask him). I’ll try and nudge him to apply at other places as well.

Got a call from the credit union’s fraud prevention department. Seems someone has tried to run up some charges on my credit card this afternoon, several hundred dollars at a bookstore I’ve never heard of, and a department store in Texas. I let them know the charges were fraudulent, they’ve closed this account and they’re sending me another one. Gotta say, those guys are on the ball.

Saw the nutritionist earlier this week, and we added a few more things to the list of what I can eat. And then I went home and ate a brownie, which was definitely not on the list. But a person can only go for so long without chocolate.

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