Jun 232010

Had another job interview yesterday, for a part-time position at a large church. It was by far the most thorough interview I’ve experienced so far; they asked questions about practical applications of accounting, software, security, and so forth. I think I answered them all satisfactorily.

At one point they gave me a set of mocked-up financial statements and asked me some questions about them. My first (unsolicited) observation was that their balance sheet didn’t balance. It seemed to please them that I noticed that right away.

They asked me to identify the net income—an easy enough task when you have an income statement, with “Net Income” in bold at the bottom. I qualified my answer with, “. . . although since the balance sheet isn’t balanced, I would really want to double-check this number.”

Seriously, it really bugged me. I wanted to sit down and go through their balance sheet and figure out why it was off.

A part-time job would be almost ideal, because it would enable me to continue going to class, helping out at the homeless shelter, and helping out with Alpha Geek’s business. The only drawback would be the lack of benefits. Our COBRA expires at the end of July, and we need to figure out what the hell we’re going to do about insurance. I can’t help but envy all these people with employer- or government-paid insurance plans who have the luxury of bitching about health care reform.

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