Jul 062010

Yesterday The Director and I took Duchess to the vet. Nothing serious, just her annual checkup and rabies shot.

When I got the vet’s postcard reminding me to schedule her appointment, I realized—we’ve had her for just over a year now. The shelter said she was about nine months old when we adopted her; that means she’s now lived with us longer than she’s lived anywhere else her whole life.

In the last year she’s gone from an eight-pound adolescent to a well-proportioned, ten-pound adult. The vet says she can gain another pound or so; seems she has a large frame and is built to be a good-sized cat.

She didn’t like the vet trip, but she was far from terrified. She explored the examining room and responded when the vet tech petted her. Within ten minutes of arriving home, she was playing with her toys again.

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