Jul 122010

Officially started my new job today! The head of HR came around with a little gift bag they’d all put together for me, with some fancy cocoas and a loaf of “friendship bread.” Never heard of it before, but I suspect it will be gone by Wednesday.

It’s a little overwhelming—the last time I touched Quickbooks was in the class two years ago, and my last accounting class was over in December 2008. But the lady who’s been doing the books has got everything all set up for maximum efficiency, with memorized transactions, check lists, and procedures to ensure it all gets done right and on time. I don’t have to set anything up, I just have to learn the procedures and systems that are already in place.

My predecessor will be staying on another month, walking me through everything and making sure I’ve got my feet under me before she leaves. I’ve also got another accountant, who is on the church board and takes part in their decision-making, to call on if I need help. They’re both very nice and reassure me that although I have a lot to master, they’re both available for help and questions.

I feel pretty stupid and inept at the moment, because I need so much hand-holding. But I think by this time next month I should have a handle on things, and only need some occasional help.

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