Nov 302010

There’s an ad for some computer-degree college in which the narrator tells us he plays World of Warcraft, saying, “I’m a level 80 shaman.”

I turned to Alpha Geek and declared, “He doesn’t play World of Warcraft.”

Alpha Geek just looked at me blankly.

“No one who plays World of Warcraft would just say, ‘I’m a level 80 shaman,'” I elaborated. “He’d say he’s a level 80 Tauren shaman, or Dranei shaman.”

“Why is that important?”

“They’re races from the two warring factions. If you actually play the game it makes a difference.”

As usual, Alpha Geek immediately saw between the lines. “I imagine for an advertisement, they wouldn’t want to identify with one faction, and alienate the other one. So they just said level 80 shaman.”

I like talking to him, because his brain works so differently from mine.

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