Dec 152010

The folks at the church have decided that they’d really prefer someone with more experience for the job. They let me know yesterday, so today was my last day.

The other two people I generally work with in the office seemed sad to see me go. A petty part of me kind of hopes the person who replaces me is a total psycho who can’t get along with anyone, but mostly I hope they get what they need. It was all very amicable and they both said several times that I’m welcome to use them as references.

Alpha Geek is totally sympathetic; he’s been there before. “Is this your first time getting laid off?”


“Sucks, doesn’t it?”

He also has his own theory about the layoff. “This seems more like something political,” he opined. “I’m wondering if someone on the stewardship committee has a friend or a relative they want in the job.”

“Maybe the new finance officer decided she could do it better and is going to take over.”

“I’ll bet that’s it.”

But on reflection, I don’t think it is—because she’s a member of the church, and a member of the church cannot also be in charge of its finances.

Alpha Geek wanted to take me out to dinner tonight, but he had to work.

I told him I was going to hit the job boards this afternoon and start looking for the next job. “I don’t think you should do that,” he said. “I think you should go get your Master’s, and then you’ll be more competitive with all these people who have three or four years of experience.” He even went to the NCSU web site to find the registration deadline—it was in November, so I’d have to try for next fall. I could spend the intervening time working with him to get more business coming in to his company, so that we’d be making enough money to fund this endeavor.


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