Jun 032012

Last year, when I started following the paleo diet, I had an immediate improvement in my health issues. As a bonus, I also lost some weight. At one point I’d gotten below 140, which I haven’t been since my first pregnancy.

Over the holidays I started eating foods that weren’t that healthy—ice cream, chocolate, french fries. I still avoided grains (one experiment was enough to convince me that yes, they really were the cause of my health problems), but I was slipping on the sugar and other starches. As a result, my weight started creeping up again.

So I’ve gotten stricter about my carb intake. I had to; my pants were getting snug and I’ve thrown out all my fat pants. I’ve been experimenting to see just how strict I have to be to lose weight; turns out I have to be pretty strict. More than twenty or thirty carbs a day, and I stop losing; more than a hundred or so, and I start going up.

So now I know, and my weight is going down again. I anticipate in a couple of months I’ll be under 140 again. It’s a bit of work, but weight aside I feel a lot better when I keep the carbs to a minimum.

Although once I reach 140 again I may have a milkshake.

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