Jun 032012

I’ve been farting around on the intertubez this afternoon, which can often lead one down unpredictable link-paths. An hour after you start reading articles on tidying up all the cables behind your desk, you find yourself deep into a psychological study of narcissistic mothers. How did I find myself here? Even my browsing history doesn’t explain the connection, because I tend to keep a lot of tabs open at once.

But wow. Just, wow.

I sometimes feel like I should have been a better parent. I’m not a very nurturing person. I should have been more patient. Sometimes I would yell at the kids when I was really angry at their father, or myself, or some random asshole I encountered during my day.

But compared to the mothers in that article, I’m the best damn mom in the world. They can’t be aware of what they’re doing, can they? I mean, if they were actually aware, they’d try to change their behavior, right?


Faith in humanity = waning. Going to look at pictures of kittens.

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