New Neighbor

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Jul 082014

Meanwhile, in non-medical news…

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been hearing a new bird in the trees around the office. Every morning as I walked across the parking lot, I would think “That sounds like a hawk.”

Yesterday afternoon as I was walking to my car, I saw him—unmistakably a hawk, he flew right over my head. I exclaimed, “I KNEW I heard a hawk! There you are!” (Prompting a curious look from a man walking nearby.)

Not a huge deal, I know, but I like raptors so it tickles me that a hawk has taken up residence nearby.

Still Anemic

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Jul 072014

The doc gave me a prescription for a hormone which should stop me from menstruating, so I’ll have a chance to replenish the blood supply. She also told me to start taking some vitamin supplements; I have my doubts about the efficacy of vitamin supplements, but that won’t stop me from taking ‘em until we get this sorted out. In a few weeks I’ll go back and get my blood tested again, and we’ll see if it’s improved enough to schedule surgery.

The hormones made me pretty queasy the first day, but I seem to have adjusted now. Alpha Geek tells me I look “less wilted,” and today my co-workers are saying I’m not as alarmingly pale as I have been the last week or two. I’ll take this as a good sign. I still get winded when I climb the stairs from the basement, but Rome wasn’t built in a day and all that.

But dammit, I was ready to have this over with.

Stupid Defective Body

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Jul 032014

So I saw the surgeon, had the biopsy, had some blood drawn, scheduled the surgery. Told everyone at work when I’d be gone, marked it on the calendar.

Last night got a voicemail from the doc. Seems my hemoglobin count is, and I quote, “dangerously low”—she said if I haven’t stopped menstruating yet we need to do a transfusion (luckily it’s stopped… for now). It’s too low to safely perform the surgery, so we have to postpone it until we can get the red blood count back up.

Goddammit, if I’m going to do this I want to get it over with.

At least this is confirmation that this is a medical necessity. It also explains why I’ve been so tired lately. For the last few months I’ve been going to bed at seven or eight, and grogging around uselessly on weekends. I thought it was because Alpha Geek’s CPAP machine sometimes wakes me up so I wasn’t sleeping well. Now I’m thinking it’s because I’m just that freaking anemic.