Aug 192014

This is our new girl’s first week (so I guess I have to come up with a new moniker for the one I used to call New Girl). And I’ve been tasked with training her how to do everything, because I’m “so patient.” (People who know me outside of work will be cleaning coffee off their keyboards now.) Basically I get the job because I’m good at being pleasant and easygoing with my co-workers even when I’d rather be bitch-slapping them.

Not that our newest employee needs bitch-slapping. She’s a nice lady, she wants to do a good job and is picking things up quickly. My dislike of the job has nothing to do with her, I just don’t like teaching people. There’s a reason I didn’t go into the teaching curriculum in college. And I also have to go behind and make sure she’s doing it right, and give her feedback, and find work for her to do. I’m almost her manager. I do not want to be a manager.

To make things worse, we really didn’t need her. I think the boss panicked when our second payroll girl left, and thought he needed more staff than he actually does. By Thursday I expect I will have run out of work for her to do. I just hope someone else will have something. On the plus side, that means I only have one more day of training to do.

A recruiter contacted me last week and submitted me for a really juicy contract job. Yeah, it’s a contract job but I’ve had good luck in the past with turning contract jobs into permanent ones. I think I’ll e-mail her tomorrow and see if she’s heard anything more about it. If I wind up giving my two weeks notice, THEN we’ll need the extra staff.

Aug 132014

After several days of phone tag, my doctor finally got in touch with me. (While we were talking I gave her my cell number so she can reach me any time now.)

Now the plan is that I will have two iron infusions, a week apart. Then we’ll wait a month and do another hemoglobin count. So we’re looking at surgery in October if all goes well.

I feel like my uterus is fighting back. I’m on the hormone pills to keep me from menstruating, but I’m still spotting—as if my uterus is trying its damnedest to have a period. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if I woke up from the surgery and they told me the damn thing was booby-trapped and killed two people in the operating room.

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Aug 132014

Boss forwarded an e-mail to the office admin and myself, some lady wants to “talk to us” about reducing our monthly copying/printing/scanning costs. Boss told her to schedule a meeting with the office admin and me.

Why am I included in this? Damned if I know. I know very little about the copy machine, how much it gets used, how much it costs to run, or how I would get any of that information. I suspect it’s because when the color printer stopped printing, Boss asked me to take a look, so I went through the printer menu and figured out how to make it print out its status report (turns out it was completely out of ink).

I need to stop letting people know I can do things. I just get more things to do.

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