“America’s Most Dangerous Places”

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Oct 092015

Saw this title in the list while I was channel surfing. Thought it would be something cool, like talking to people who live in bad neighborhoods in Detroit and Chicago, or theme parks where you go bungee jumping over crocodile pits, or something.

Scrolled over to see the synopsis. Something about a haunted prison where ghosts of the inmates roam the halls at night.

I am disappoint.

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It’s an Accesory

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Sep 252015

The shirt was clean when I put it on this morning. Then the cat decided she needed some love before I left for work.

I didn’t notice until I got to work; I looked down to clip on my badge, and realized I was covered in cat hair.

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Job Update

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Sep 242015

Haven’t posted in a while, I find after a day of being on the computer, when I get home I just don’t have much interest in getting on the computer.

Settling in well at the new job. I’ve never worked at a big company like this before, it’s a big complex with ten or twelve interconnected buildings and a couple of on-site cafeterias for the employees. I understand there’s a fitness center somewhere. I like it, I feel like a little worker bee in a great big hive.

For the first week and a half there was nothing to do. For a couple of days we were busy getting set up with employee badges and laptops and email accounts and whatnot. I spent a lot of time browsing the web and watching Excel tutorials–I’ve gotten a good handle on vlookups now and am delving into pivot tables.

These days we’re getting busier. The parent corp recently moved part of its operations over into a subsidiary, and we were basically all hired from a staffing agency to help get data migrated into their new ERP system. Once that gets sorted out we might be hired on permanently, or we might not. I estimate it’ll be at least a year before that’s an issue I need to think about. By then I should be familiar enough with their ERP to claim it on my resume, which should make me fairly marketable.

I still keep in touch with my supervisor from the last job. Their drama is much more entertaining from a distance.