Oct 162014

Tomorrow I go to have my uterus out. If you don’t hear back from me, it means the uterus has defeated us and is free to rampage. Take precautions.

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Oct 132014

(Warning: Menstrual TMI)

Friday’s the big day. I think my uterus is suspicious, the pills the doc gave me are less and less effective at preventing menstruation. At first I was just spotting a little, then a few weeks later it changed to a light period. A few weeks after that, a normal period.

Over the weekend it’s gotten heavier, this morning I’m having a fairly heavy flow and starting to pass some larger clots—not the palm-sized horrors I was seeing before, but still pretty alarming. And of course I get a sampling of the cramping and queasiness I used to have.

I don’t think a heavy period can undo all my hemoglobin improvements in four days. I just need to hold out until Friday and we can get the damn thing out before it kills me.

Still Waiting

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Sep 152014

Had a blood draw Friday morning. Didn’t hear back from the doctor by Friday afternoon, so I phoned and left them a message. “Got the blood test this morning, please let me know the results and if we can schedule the surgery.” Didn’t hear from them by the end of the day.

I called again this morning and left another message. Still haven’t heard anything. Getting a bit concerned.

Told Alpha Geek about my messages this evening. “If I don’t hear anything by tomorrow after lunch, I’ll go to their office and sit in the lobby until someone talks to me.”

He gave me a wry look. “Someone who didn’t know you would think you were joking.”

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