South Korea, International Troll

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May 142015

South Korea: Kim Jong Un executed his defense minister! With anti-aircraft guns!

World At Large: OMGWTFBBQ!!!1

SK: LOL j/k

World: ಠ_ಠ

Ever since I heard about them blasting K-Pop across the DMZ to torture North Korea, I’ve suspected SK really enjoyed a good troll.

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Apr 282015

The Director has his driver’s license now, and is discovering that he enjoys the freedom to go out and get pizza, or go to a store, or just explore farther than he could on foot.

I don’t try to keep him from driving if the weather is bad, or if it’s nighttime, or at hours of heavy traffic. I fret about him when he drives in those conditions, just as I did over the Artist when he was an inexperienced driver. But intellectually I know that the way to keep them safe is to let them go out and gain experience, and sometimes make mistakes, and develop their own judgment. So I just admonish them to drive carefully (“I’m your mother, I’m required to say that”).

Emotionally I’d like to put them safely away where nothing could possibly hurt them, but that wouldn’t be practical. And anyway they’re too smart, they’d figure a way to get out.

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Dreams Are Strange

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Apr 272015

Last night I dreamed that Brendan Fraser was at our house (yeah, the actor). There didn’t seem to be any particular reason for him to be there, as is the nature of dreams. He was friendly and engaging, we had a good time. He was pleased to note we had a couple of his movies on DVD, we discussed his upcoming birthday (I have no idea when Brendan Fraser’s birthday is, but in my dream it was next week), and we jammed for a while (I can’t remember what he played, a wind instrument like a clarinet or maybe a sax?). After a while we started talking about going out to get something to eat. Then I woke up.

WTF, brain?

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