Oct 232014

The uterus has been defeated!

The doc says the surgery went well. All I remember is being wheeled into the operating room, I saw the doctor arranging instruments while three or four people fussed about me, getting me arranged just so, and then I woke up in the recovery room. They kept me overnight, the doctor came by to check on me the next morning, and then they sent me home. I spent the first few days mostly watching TV and dozing on the couch. Now I’m bored. I watched Jack Reacher on Netflix, then I bought the first Jack Reacher book from my Kindle. Very handy being able to just buy books from my living room without having to actually leave the house. I could get myself in trouble with that ability.

I can tell they miss me at work. They sent me flowers on Tuesday. Today two of my co-workers e-mailed me asking for help with things. Which gave me something to do for a few minutes, at least.

Can’t remember how long the doctor said I have to not drive. I think it was just until I stopped taking the narcotic she prescribed for pain. Haven’t used that since Sunday. Maybe I’ll call them tomorrow and ask.

I’m still impressed by modern medical technology. Remove an organ Friday, home by Saturday, well enough to be a pain in my family’s ass by Tuesday. Amazing!

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Oct 162014

Tomorrow I go to have my uterus out. If you don’t hear back from me, it means the uterus has defeated us and is free to rampage. Take precautions.

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Oct 132014

(Warning: Menstrual TMI)

Friday’s the big day. I think my uterus is suspicious, the pills the doc gave me are less and less effective at preventing menstruation. At first I was just spotting a little, then a few weeks later it changed to a light period. A few weeks after that, a normal period.

Over the weekend it’s gotten heavier, this morning I’m having a fairly heavy flow and starting to pass some larger clots—not the palm-sized horrors I was seeing before, but still pretty alarming. And of course I get a sampling of the cramping and queasiness I used to have.

I don’t think a heavy period can undo all my hemoglobin improvements in four days. I just need to hold out until Friday and we can get the damn thing out before it kills me.