Apr 102015

Last night we had some major thunderstorms roll through. The Director and I spent most of the evening in the living room with the lights off and the blinds open, watching the torrential rain and near-continuous lightning.

Alpha Geek was in a restaurant at a nearby shopping mall, waiting for the storm to abate so he could come home. He passed the time occasionally texting us about conditions at his location, and we’d answer things were pretty much the same at the house. Eventually the storm passed and he was able to leave.

This morning I turned on the news, and saw that a man had been struck by lightning last night at the same shopping mall, trying to cross the parking lot. (He did not survive.)

Damn, Nature, you scary.

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Apr 042015

This morning I booted up the computer, all set to be industrious and reconcile our bank accounts for March.

Log on to the bank site, click the link to download our statement.

“500 Internal server error. No statement for you!”

So I have to wait until they fix the problem.


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Mar 312015

Today I have an interview at a university. For a job in their library.

This uni has possibly the best library in the state. Working there would totally rock.