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Aug 092016

I was watching Sharknado on TiVo. Alpha Geek was sitting beside me, reading something on his phone, not really paying attention.

Finally he looked up. “You’re actually watching this?”

I started giggling. “It’s awesome! It’s just so gloriously stupid!”

“I didn’t realize you were watching this idiocy.”

“I think my favorite part is the bad CGI.”

“Did that shark just roar? Sharks don’t roar!”

“Sharks don’t do any of this shit!”

He sighed and went back to reading on his phone.

I think my second favorite part is the awkward scene cuts to try and make it look like action is happening.

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Liking the New Job

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Jun 162016

It seems to be a good fit for me. The people are friendly, but not chatty—we say hello in the morning and goodbye in the afternoon, and beyond that it’s pretty much just working. I’m fine with that. They’re my co-workers, not my buddies.

I think I mentioned we can wear jeans to work. I was told this afternoon we can also wear sneakers (although my sneakers are ratty enough that I doubt I’ll take advantage of this). So jeans, sneakers, and a reasonably nice shirt is the outfit of the day. That’s pretty much the level of “professional” I’m happiest with.

There’s little chatter, but we do have a radio playing quietly during the day. It’s on a channel that plays music I actually like. For the most part it’s just three of us, quietly working on our designated tasks, with music playing in the background. I cannot begin to describe how much I enjoy this.

Technically I’m on a three-month trial, while I decide if I like them and they decide if they like me. So far, I like them just fine. My supervisor gives clear directions and has realistic expectations. Yesterday she mostly showed me simple clerical tasks, with one or two of the accounting/payable responsibilities, so I wouldn’t be overwhelmed. Today she showed me a few more of the accounting chores.

The department head checked in with me today to see how I was doing, and let me know that so far they like me, too. Apparently they were impressed because this morning when I arrived at work, I immediately started doing the tasks they showed me how to do yesterday, without waiting to be told. I will never cease to be amazed that sometimes I can impress people simply by doing my job.

And that’s my new job, day two. So far I haven’t taken advantage of the jeans policy, but tomorrow I think I will.

Gainfully Employed

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Jun 142016

One of my interviews last week panned out, I start work tomorrow.

The last two times I was looking for work took over a year to bear fruit. Kind of gratifying that this time was relatively quick.

Bonus: I can wear jeans to work, and I never have to deal with the public.