Oct 292003

I do it every year. I think, this year I’ll be organized; this year, I’ll have the costumes and the decorations and the cards and the gifts all ready weeks before the holiday itself. At the beginning of the month, I even went out and got some fabric and patterns to make Halloween costumes for the kids. Weeks to go before Halloween. Finally, I was organized!

I was so organized, in fact, that I felt I had accomplished something and never felt any real urgency to actually make those costumes. This afternoon it occurred to me—as I was passing by the Halloween Express store—that Halloween is the day after tomorrow, I haven’t even started on those costumes I’ve had planned all month, and I know nothing about sewing. Given a couple of weeks—say, the couple of weeks I had when I started on this adventure—I could probably figure out how to make a passable costume. Given two days, and a temperament that tends to get freaked out under deadline pressure, and it’s a pretty good bet that hand-made costumes were not happening this year.

I went into Halloween Express and got some.

I always have such good intentions. I love holidays, and I always want to do lots of decorating for the events. But I’m also prone to overkill; my personal motto is “anything worth doing is worth overdoing.” I don’t just want a few Halloweeny trinkets on the table, I want Halloween lights around the gutters and Halloween tableaux on the porch, and cobwebs and scary things all through the house, and spooky music playing, and all the other geegaws that Wal-Mart trots out to tempt me at this time of year. Good thing I hate shopping or I’d probably wind up buying all of it.

Oh well. At least I’ve got the costumes and the candy, which are the main things the kids are interested in. And next year I’ll be organized and have the costumes and the decorations and the lights and the music…

On an unrelated note: I’m not usually into this sort of thing, but I must admit, these are some nice tits.

Edit: Looks like the nice-tits.org site, which used to be about birds, now actually has pictures of nekkid women, so I took the link out. I got nothing against the pr0n, but they killed my joke.
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