Nov 262003

In my quest to deal with my expanding ass, I took up running on the treadmill. I was largely inspired by a poster on usenet, giving advice on the practice to another; I took his tips for myself and started going on the treadmill three days a week. I alternate running with walking, jogging until I’m tired and then walking a bit. The first week I could barely stagger an eighth of a mile before slowing to a walk.

I’m pleased to note that progress is being made. I don’t know if my ass is any smaller, but this morning I ran for half a mile before the first walking interlude, and probably could have gone farther if I were pushing myself. I always want to put off my morning workout, but can usually motivate myself to get it done by remembering how much better I feel afterwards. Nice to see some long-term payoffs for my efforts. Plus I can run up the stairs without getting winded.

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