Jan 202004

I get this every winter. Walk across the room, reach out to something—ZAP!

Everyone gets some static electricity shocks during the winter. Cold, dry air; no moisture to bleed off those excess electrons; touch something and you get a little shock, maybe even see a little spark. But like everything else I do, I just have to go overboard with it. Apparently I excel in electron storage. When I go to open a door, ZAP! When I go to turn on the kettle, ZAP! When I try to hug my son, ZAP! By mid-winter I’m closing the van door with my elbow, so at least the zap won’t hit the concentration of nerve endings in my hands.

Because I don’t just get zapped. Oh, no, that wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining. What I get is ZAPPED. Like I said, I excel in electron storage, and when I run across a conductor I generally have a lot of electrons to offload. Most of the time you can see the charge arcing across to me. Last night I touched the microwave, and my mate could hear the zap from the other room. My zapped finger hurt for an hour or so afterwards.

Poor Phurball never knows whether he dares come over for a pet or not. I seem glad to see him, but then I zap him—usually right on the nose. Sorry, dude.

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