Feb 262004

Somebody call Canada and tell them their snow got sent here by mistake. Great blue monkey balls, we don’t get this kind of snow down here. This is the third significant snowfall we’ve had this winter, and frankly we just don’t know what to do with it.

Schools were closed three hours early today so the sproggen could all get home safely before the snow really started. Nonetheless, I was late picking up Sprog #2 because someone had managed to have some kind of collision in the middle of an intersection I needed to traverse. I didn’t see it clearly, as I was concentrating on navigating from the far right lane—from whence I had planned to turn right—into the far left lane, which was the only one that remained open while the police dealt with the mess.

I tried to go home the other way to avoid the problem, but the freeway was just as bad. People pulled over by the side of the road for no apparent reason. Traffic alternated between dead stop and thirty miles an hour. I can understand the slow speed; visibility was getting pretty
bad by then. But I have no idea why we all kept stopping. I watched with some interest as the tailgater behind me swerved into the breakdown lane to avoid rear-ending me during one such stop. At thirty miles an hour, he must really have been riding my ass if he had to do that.

Some neighbors are going out of town tomorrow. I was supposed to pick up their kids from school along with mine and watch them for about an hour until their babysitter came to get them. I have no idea what they plan to do if school gets closed tomorrow; there’s no way I’m going to be watching four kids by myself all day long. I try to be a good neighbor, but I ain’t that good.

Times like this I wish we had a giant jacuzzi bathtub to warm up in. One more thing to add to the “when I’m rich” list.

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