Mar 062004

I mean, as much as I can love shopping at all. Let’s face it, I’m never going to be a big fan of shopping. But if I have to do it, online’s the way to go. I get stamps online; I get books online. I got my purse online. Clothes, toys, presents, plane tickets. I know what I want, I order it, it shows up at my door a week or two later. The only thing that could improve on this would be some kind of teleportation that brought it to me instantaneously.

In other news, a diner in Ohio found a thumb in her salad. Red Robin, the restaurant, said normally when an employee cuts off a piece of himself their policy is to throw out all the food in the area. Apparently in the rush to get him to the hospital they forgot.

Do we really want to eat in a place where this happens often enough for them to need a policy?

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