Dec 242004

Being the procrastinator that I am, I’d probably put off holiday decorating until the day itself—every year I keep thinking this year I’ll get more decorations up.

It’s not that I don’t like decorating. I’m actually inclined (as in everything else) to go overboard with it; if I ever do get my act together my yard’s going to look like the ones in the local holiday lightshow gallery being featured on WRAL’s website. I just tend to get snowed under by all the other things going on, and left to my own devices would forget to do it until the last minute.

This is one of the perks of having kids. Since they were old enough to know what holidays are, my kids have taken over. I haven’t decorated a Christmas tree in eight years; I just get the box of ornaments down from the attic and turn the sproggen loose on it. This year my youngest did the job by himself; fortunately our artificial tree isn’t that tall, but even so there’s a bit of a blank area at the very top that made me laugh out loud at Sunday’s Foxtrot.

Christmas Tree

The construction beside the tree is my son’s K’nex version of O Tannebaum. I wasn’t getting the tree down from the attic fast enough to suit him, so he built this to tide us over for a few days until he could chivvy me into getting the real one.

And speaking of my youngest, he announced last week that for Christmas he would like either a kitten, or a fish. Well, spouse isn’t into more critters so a kitten is right out, but he didn’t object to a fish. So yesterday we went and set him up with a small fish tank. We were looking at the fishbowls, but the 10-gallon acquariums were on sale.

Fish Tank

I’ve never been that excited about fish, because you can’t pet them. Still, I have to admit I’ve been going back and watching his swim about. They’re pretty little things.

I was going to send an e-mail to my bud  kartia wishing him a happy birthday, but I realized this morning that he’s going to be offline over the holidays. If he survives his exile I’ll have to wish him one when he gets back. Good luck with those withdrawal symptoms, dude!

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  1. Fish are great for looking at; keeps you calm. We used to have a couple of fish tanks. First time around we bred discus. Discus are delicate fish and very nervous–they can actually get scared to death. When my now 15 year old was learning how to walk, I’d puthim in his walker and he run up to the fish tank and pound on the glass.

    Each fish–imported from South America–jumped out of the tank to it’s death. *sigh*

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