Jun 202005

Holy crap.

It’s no longer enough that you’re careful about where you make purchases online, that you never give your credit card number to someone phoning you, that you don’t follow links in phishing e-mails that ask for your account information. Because now someone can go hook up a Qchex account to your bank account, and all they need is the information they can get from any check you write.

Qchex doesn’t appear to care that people are fraudulently signing up with other people’s bank accounts. Their attitude is “register your account before someone else does.” A friend’s account has been registered by someone else, using a free Juno account, and the Qchex representative he spoke to was singularly unconcerned.

This slipshod security on the part of Qchex amounts to criminal negligence. I’ll be interested to see what the state attorney general my friend contacted has to say about the situation.

In other news, I found this icon maker in Ace Lightning’s LiveJournal. Since the alternative was doing housework, I spent a while playing with it. Behold my cartoon self.

I also upgraded my “real” blog site to WordPress, and I seem to have done something wrong as now some—not all, mind you, only some—of the archived posts are no longer editable. It’s quite strange. I had hoped to spend the afternoon rearranging the layout of the navigation, but looks like instead I’m going to spend the afternoon trying to get the damn thing back to the way it was before. I think I need chocolate for this.

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