Sep 182005

Stopped in the pet store a couple of days ago, as it’s right next to the grocery store I frequent. On my way back up to the register, I observed a man playing with the ferrets.

I’d never seen ferrets interacting with people before; usually when I happen by them in a pet store they’re all asleep. As a result I’d never known how friendly the little buggers are. They were literally jumping all over each other to play with this guy, grabbing his hand with their little forelegs as he scritched and tumbled them.

I wasn’t going to mess with them myself—I know nothing about ferrets, and talking to this guy I learned he had three so obviously he knew how to play with ferrets, and I didn’t want to alarm or irritate them. But when he left they all spotted me, ran over to my side of their cage, and began jumping all over each other again in their eagerness to play with me. How could I resist such an appealing little furry tidal wave? So I stuck my arm in and scritched and tumbled them the way the other guy was doing, and they loved it.

I wanted to just scoop up one (or all) of them and tell the pet shop staff, “I’ll be taking them home now, how much?”

My husband and my cat would both kill me.

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