Oct 012005

Crunchie Bar

This, my friends, is a Crunchie bar. It has a honeycomb-like center covered in Cadbury chocolate, the same kind you get at Easter around those creme eggs. It’s right up there in my top three favorite candy bars.

Alas, however, they are not available in the States. Cadbury is not as large a distributor here as Hershey and Nestlé; mostly we only see them around Easter with the afore-mentioned creme eggs. Some of their candy bars, such as the Crispy Crunch, the Caramilk, and the afore-mentioned Crunchie, are not available here. I have to get my Canadian relatives to smuggle them across the border when they visit.

It’s not just Cadbury, either. Nestlé has many lovely brands which are not marketed to Americans—Aero bars, Coffee Crisps, and Big Turks to name a few. If you’re ever north of the border make sure and give one a try. You can also order them online, from a store which specializes in selling favorite foods that Canadians miss when they move down here, like Tim Horton’s coffee and St. Hubert’s barbecue sauce.

And while you’re kicking back with your Canadian treats, you can waste some time playing PopCap games. My current obssession is Zuma. All worship the mighty Inca frog god!

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