Nov 222005

This light show is just brilliant.

We’re gearing up for our big Thanksgiving feast. That’s what the kids are calling it, and it’s probably apt because I’m following my personal motto: “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing.” I’ll list details later in the week if we survive it.

Both sets of parents have other plans, and all my friends are celebrating the holiday with their own families, so it will be just the four of us.

“Seems like a shame to have all this food just for us,” remarked my spousal unit, observing the list of dishes I was jotting down.

“But the best part of Thanksgiving is the leftovers,” I exclaimed, continuing to jot.

I put my spouse in charge of obtaining wine, as he knows more about it than I do. I also asked him to get me an inexpensive double boiler. Saturday he set forth to accomplish these tasks. He was gone over four hours; I assumed he had gone to see a movie while he was out, or something. Nope, it was all just fighting the teeming hordes to get a double boiler and some wine. Every year I make an effort to avoid the retail stores as much as possible during the Christmas-shopping season. Looks like it’s that time again.

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