Dec 102005

Surprisingly it was the visitor who threw the first punch.

She came down again around lunchtime, attracted by the smell of the bacon my husband was cooking, with the belly-to-the-ground stance of a cat trying to keep a low profile. (My husband said “Why is she walking like that? She acts like we’re going to beat her.”) He offered her some bacon, but she only smelled it; what she’s really interested in is petting and reassurance.

So I sat on the floor and petted her some more. My son came over and petted her for a bit. My husband came over and petted her a little. She purred.

Phurball has been getting more at ease with her presence; he still keeps an eye on her, but he’s no longer glowering. He wanted to get in on all this petting, so he got up and strolled over. His ears were up, his fur was down, he was looking at me and not taking particular notice of the other cat.

She did not like him coming so close to her. She took a swipe at him, spitting vehemently. Swats were exchanged, harsh words were said, and they crouched a foot or so apart looking daggers at each other until I got the Bad Kitty bottle and asked, “Okay, which one of you is going to have to get it?”

The new cat, of course, has no clue as to the significance of the Bad Kitty bottle, but Phurball does. He gave me a wounded look and retreated under the chair. The new cat slunk back over to the fireplace and took up her station on the mantel.

Later my husband offered Phurball the bacon she had refused. I don’t know about him, but I’m finding the whole cat-to-cat interplay very interesting. I’ve never had more than one at a time before.

I wonder if I should mention to my husband that I think she might be pregnant.

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