Dec 222005

Little cat appears to have forgiven me. Tuesday evening after she came home she was staggering around the house, making sure everything was as she had left it, even though she was obviously so groggy she could barely keep her eyes open.

Later in the evening I lost track of her. Looked all over the upstairs, couldn’t find her, figured she’d gone into the basement to hide again. I didn’t want her lurking in the basement while she recovered from surgery; it’s cold, it’s dirty, and there are piles of things that she could knock over onto herself in her disoriented state.

I went down into the basement to look for her. And look. And look. I moved things (carefully) to see if she were under, or behind them. No sign of her.

I heard my husband call hello from upstairs, letting me know he was home. I looked a little more, then I went upstairs to enlist his help in the search.

There at the top of the stairs was the little cat, watching me ascend with that wide-eyed look she has.

Turned out she’d been sleeping on my husband’s desk, behind his monitor. He’d sat down at his computer and been surprised by her little face peering around the monitor at him.

Phurball, on the other hand, has me a bit worried. He’s stopped eating his canned food, which I had been giving him twice a day to entice him to eat and get his weight back up. He doesn’t eat a whole lot of kibble, either. Mostly he just dozes on the bed or the couch. His hips and shoulders are hurting him more than ever; I was giving him medication for his arthritis in the canned food which he no longer eats. I’ve never seen a cat turn down canned food. Tomorrow when I go to the store I’m going to see what they have in the way of cat treats that he might be convinced to eat.

Mostly he just seems to have this tired air about him. I’ve been sitting with his favorite quilt on my lap at night so he can curl up on it and sleep while I pet him.

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