Apr 212006

I don’t think I mentioned it yet, but towards the end of March we got a postcard from Safe Haven letting us know our little foundling had been adopted. So now she has a permanent home.

Safe Haven is looking for volunteers to come out and play with the cats, to keep them socialized. Perhaps one day I’ll do that, but for now I think I want to focus on pampering Phurball. I suspect the old fellow is not much longer for this world. His appetite has declined, and he spends most of his time sleeping. Often he has to stop and rest on his way up the stairs. It takes him a while to lie down; he lowers his front end down so very slowly, because his shoulders are stiff and painful from the arthritis. His hips bother him as well; there’s no grace at all left in his walk.

Still, the arthritis is really the only thing noticably bothering him. I had his vet come out and check him yesterday, and we agreed that we’d both like to be in such good shape when we’re his age.

During the winter I got him a heating pad designed for pets. It’s activated by his weight when he sits on it, and doesn’t heat to a very high temperature so it doesn’t get uncomfortably warm. The first time I put him on it, he sat for a few minutes to humor me and then went somewhere else to sleep. Ever since then, he’s absolutely loved that thing. He’ll lie on my lap for a while to get love and petting, and then move over to his heating pad when he’s ready to sleep and wants to stretch out. I think the heat might help his arthritis, too.

One night as he was relaxing on his heating pad he saw me coming by, and gave me the look that means he wants me to come pay attention to him. As I started towards him, my husband came into the room with the same look. I changed course and went over to my spouse. As we were embracing, my husband remarked, “That cat is giving me the dirtiest look.”

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